Second Opinion

The Importance of Getting a Second Medical Opinion

If you’ve recently faced a new medical diagnosis that can impact your quality daily life, you likely feel confused and unsure about what type of treatment is best for you. If you’re unsure of your current diagnosis or treatment options it maybe a good idea to obtain a second opinion before considering various treatments or surgery. Here are some of the benefits of obtaining a second opinion:

  • It can allow you to become a more educated consumer in the healthcare field. By seeking a second opinion, you’ll gain more knowledge of your condition and treatment options so that you are in a better position to make the right decisions.
  • It can confirm that your diagnosis is correct. When a second doctor provides you with the same diagnosis as the first one, you can feel confident that you’ve been diagnosed properly. You may also find that there are other diagnoses that you need to consider.
  • It can inform you of other treatment options. You may find that a second doctor educates you on treatment options that you were not aware with your previous evaluation. A second opinion may eliminate the need for surgery.

Unfortunately, many people hesitate to obtain a second opinion for many reasons, such as offending their current provider. However, your provider should understand and encourage your decision to seek a second opinion.

If you’re interested in getting a second medical opinion, contact Dr. Nael Shanti today. Dr. Shanti believes that seeking a second opinion is a wise medical decision. If you wish to schedule a second opinion review with Dr. Shanti, please bring any x-rays, MRIs, or medical records you wish to share as well as notes for your current provider.

Although ultimately you will decide which treatment you will proceed with, getting a second opinion with Dr. Shanti can give you the peace of mind of knowing you’ve considered all of your options and are making an informed decision about your health and future.